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The colorful season

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers- L.M. Montgomery

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Althought I am a great fan of Summer and warm weather, I really do love it when it gets Autumn. I just truly like it when the candles are burning and it gets really cozy at home. Cuddle up with a fluffy blanket and drink a glass of red wine with your loved one. Somehow I always love to bake more in the cold seasons, especially Dutch applepie. The house start smelling at cinnamon and apple.

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In Luxembourg I am even more aware of this season. This green country has been transforming since the end of September in a beautiful palette of Autumn colors. And we were so lucky that actually since last weekend the weather was still really nice. So we had Autumn colored nature with blue skies. Cant help it, but it made me genuinely happy! At this moment it is drooley outside, but that is fine. I just cuddle up with my blanket, waiting for my boyfriend to come home. Enjoy the lovely season!

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Amsterdam loves you!

When we drove in to Amsterdam last Friday evening a really happy feeling came over me. This city is special and brings back so many memories!
I booked us a hotel, because I promised the Boyfriend already a long time a go that I would treat him for a weekend Amsterdam. We had a lovely stay at Hotel Arena.

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A beautiful hotel with great beds! Always very important, because we need our sleep! Especially when you first went to the bar or the club in this hotel!That is one of the positive things at this hotel. You can eat, drink, dance and sleep!

The next day we went for some shopping. The shops in Luxembourg are great, but I was really longing for some die hard Amsterdam shopping. The best area to shop in Amsterdam are The 9 straatjes . You have great boutiques, vintage shops and some of the best places to eat and drink! And in between shopping and drinking and eating you have the prettiest typical Amsterdam views.

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Saturday evening we went to the best restaurant in my opinion! It is always very difficult to book, so I did that already a few months ago and that’s actually the whole reason we went to Amsterdam.
Le Restaurant is a small restaurant, that is more a livingroom than a restaurant. They have a fixed menu and the food is just amazing! And whenever you go there, take with every different course a different wine. It is great! We really had a good culinary time!

To bring our weekend to an end, we went to The Rijksmuseum, ofcourse after a good sleep in and a nice breakfast in our Hotel. I was there already before when I was a little girl together with my parents, but I hadn’t been there after the big renovation which started in 2004 and took until 2012! It was beautiful! We went to see the highlights and after that we wanted to go outside because the weather was great!

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Later we went home to Luxembourg. And I really enjoyed every moment of Amsterdam, but coming home to this calm, green and quiet country was also very good! I think I am getting old 😉

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Gronn, where history and nightlife meet.

I always like to discover nice places where ever I lived. Living in a new country makes it even more possible to do so. And in Luxemburg there are so many nice area’s that look very picturesque and have a rich history.
The Grund or “Gronn” in Luxembourgish is such an area in Luxemburg City. It was build in the valley as one of the first neighborhoods to surround the castle many years ago. A lot of the original structures are still standing. You can still see the old stone bridges and fortress walls. And take my advice, when you decide to go to the Grund don’t wear your heels. Because the cobblestone streets are not designed to walk on with 10 cm of heels!

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The last decades the Grund has become even more populair due to its nightlife. There are many bars, restaurants, cultural events and historical sites. Such as Neumünster Abbey, which has been there since the 17th Century. There is also a lovely Brasserie where they have great jazz concerts during the summer months.

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The Grunds is such a desired destination to visit that it recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. So come and visit Luxemburg and if you are quick, you can still enjoy this great Indian Summer we are having here!

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When in France

Like I said in my last post here, we wanted to escape to the sun. All I really needed was the beach. I like Luxemburg, but it has no sea and therefore no beach! And as I have lived my whole life in the South part of the Netherlands, the beach has always been in my life.

We left on Black Saturday. That means: we and the rest of the Northern European people were driving to the South. Despite this we enjoyed the ride and everything we did during our week in beautiful France! At some point you see the landscape changing, pinetrees pop up and the temperature is just the way we like it to be. Then you know you are in the South of France.

We saw many beautiful places like Antibes, Mougins, Nice, Cannes and Grasse. When you are in Grasse you just have to visit a parfum factory! We went to the  factory of Fragonard, where we bought a lot of perfume! Mougins had beautiful alleys and I totally understood why Pablo Picasso had lived there. And the Mediterranean menu I could just eat everyday.

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Le Clos d’Eima

Although it seems ages, but four weeks ago we decided that we should escape from Luxemburg and visit our southern neighbors “La Douce France”. And to be exact, the Cote d’Azur. We booked the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast I ever been,  Le Clos d’Eima in Saint Cezaire sur Saigne.

We had a lovely time with Sylvie and Jean- Luc, our hosts. Sylvie made the best food, Jean-Luc learned us how to play Petange. And together with him, I won 😉 The last night we went out for a ride in the 2CV and had dinner in the pittoresque place Saint Cezaire sur Saigne.

We certainly will be back, but than we want to stay in La Roulotte!(the lovely trailer)

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