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My chocolate chip!


In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.

And my chocolate chip came to visit me last weekend for the first time since I moved to Luxemburg. The boyfriend was not home, so we had a lovely girly weekend with lots of stuff you do together with your sister. We ate sushi on the couch, done our nails, baked banana bread on a Sunday and of course we went to Luxemburg City.

Many people, including me when I first came here, have no idea how nice Luxemburg City is. It is a versatile place with nice shops, several good places to drink coffee, have lunch, dinner and go out. My sister and I went first to the Saturday Market where you can buy beautiful organic vegetables and fruits, but also fresh cheese and charcuterie. And there is even a small corner where you can buy flowers. I am still getting used to the fact that I cannot buy a big bunch of flowers for a good price. Spoiled Dutchie I am!!
After the Market we went for a huge piece of chocolate cake at the Chocolate House. Which is in front of the Grand Ducal palace. Beside the chocolate cake I had a cookie coconut chocospoon which I dipped in my hot soya milk!
After some shopping we ended up in Konrad Cafe & Bar. Where we had a glass of wine and some lovely quiche. Very nice place!
Later in the evening we went to IKKI to finish the day!

I can tell you, I could not live without my chocolate chip! She is the best!

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